30 years at the cutting edge of fashion

The Lace Festival of Camariñas

The festival is the world´s largest lace making encounter, with more than 30 years of history. Aside from lace makers and crafts, this event holds one of Spain’s most important fashion catwalks, presenting the latest collections from the country’s best designers.

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Mostra do Encaixe

The Mostra. Do you know about it?

After 30 years of existence, the Lace Festival of Camariñas is in one of its best moments. Camariñas bobbin lace is renowned in the world of fashion and lace making thanks to the Mostra’s catwalk and the local Bobbin Lace School with nearly 100 pupils learning this fine art and predicting a very promising future for the town’s sign of identity.


The 2021 ad

The top international model Damián Alvarez stars in the video produced by the creatives Diego Alonso and Raul Lorenzo. This promo video tells a tale linked to the world of male fashion, where the Lace of Camariñas features prominently.

El protagonsita del spot de la Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas Damián Álvarez
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Mostra do encaixe


Camariñas is the world´s lace capital thanks to the enormous effort undertaken during centuries by the local lacemakers. The village is located in the middle of the Costa da Morte where this craft is widely practised. The female lacemaker has been the typical figure of Camariñas and in the Mostra do Encaixe they have a worldwide showcase where their art is recognized and their handiwork is marketed.

Spectacular Nature

Welcoming People

Centre of the Costa da Morte

Palilleiras na primeira Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas


When tradition becomes art

Lacemaking in Camariñas has a very long tradition. Since the Mostra do Encaixe was first organized 30 years ago, the value of this art has exponentially grown. Nowadays, we are able to see the work of the lacemakers featured in the collections of great designers like Modesto Lomba, Charo Carrillo and Ana Cabranes.