Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas

The Mostra 2021 Promotional Video

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The spot of the XXX Camariñas Lace Show stars international model Damián Álvarez and Costa da Morte actress Tamara Rey. Created by Diego Alonso and Raul Lorenzo, the shooting of the spot takes place between different points in A Coruña and Camariñas. Almost 140 people took part in the project, including protagonists, extras and backstage. A large-scale production to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Camariñas Lace Show.

A 100% Costa da Morte production

The story of the advert

The promotional video is about a “celebrity”, who with the help of his partner, goes in search of a jacket to attend an exclusive fashion gala. After touring several high end stores, the lead roles find nothing that convinces them and decide to stop searching.

To relax and take a break, they decide to take a walk along the Costa da Morte, finally stopping at Camariñas. They visit places such as the Cape Vilán with its lighthouse, the Trece beach and Monte Branco. Walking around the port, they decide to eat at a local restaurant. This is where they discover the existence of the Camariñas Lace Museum and they head out to discover it. They are surprised and amazed with the discovery of the museum and the creations of the lacemakers. Just when they’re about to leave, they find the right jacket to wear to the important gala. A complete gentleman’s suit that includes impressive and unique details typical of Camariñas.

On the video you can see the lead actor arriving on a luxury car at the red carpet event and surrounded by dozens of fans who are impressed with the lace details in the suit from Camariñas that their idol wears to the fashion gala.
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The Costa da Morte Top Model

After traveling halfway around the world to work on the advertising campaigns of important companies such as Guess, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Lamborghini, Amdrea Versali, McDonalds, Stradivarius… Damián returns to his home on the Costa da Morte to take the lead role in the promotional video for the most important lace event of the world: The Camariñas Mostra do Encaixe.




The Instagrammer with the thousand tattoos

One of the most influential instagrammers on the Costa da Morte. Tamara currently lives and works in A Coruña, but whenever she can, she visits her beloved land. This is the first film work for this very talented girl.


The Making-Of

In this video you can see how the promo video was made for the 30th Camariñas Mostra do Encaixe. From the places and locations where it was recorded to the people who participated in the recording.

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And the Camariñas Lace?

The handmade accessories made by a lacemaker are what makes the actor´s suit unique. The cufflinks, the bow tie, the sash and the shoes are all decorated with a design of Camariñas lace which is popularly known as “The Accordion”

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